Now anyone can farm!


Chicken farming, Broilers or Egg production, now anyone can do it!

Emerging and Small Scale Farming Solutions! 

Join our successful family of Nkoko farmers from Eatern Cape to Gauteng to Botswana to Angola! Farming, whether it is for producing food for commercial gain or living better.... Kiki Agri offers Small Scale and Emerging Farming Solutions! Offering the complete recipe to help ensure your success!

  • Nkoko Chicken House
  • Egg Production
  • Broiler Production
  • Chicken Farming
  • Our Winning Hatchling Nkoko Broiler Houses
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  • Easy Installation!
  • Now anyone can farm!

There are many products and chicken houses on the market, but for 500 birds and more, you need space and more money.  The Nkoko 2 Models have been designed to cater for the small and emerging farmer, equipping him or her to become a successful farmer. Perhaps to further develop into a large commercial farmer, how about it?

Our Recipe as follows: 

- Correct House and training
- Correct Livestock and Equipment
- Correct Feed and important the correct System and TWO YEAR Support!

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Agrasem are our distributors for Kwazulu Natal!

Micro Farming Solutions Division of Agrisem

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